Friday, December 26, 2014

Swimming Lessons for the hubs

{He said, I love the coach, she is so mean, but in a nice way.}

Tonight he had his first private swim lesson with The Swim Academy in SLC. He is really excited about it. This feels like the first step and it makes me nervous! But, I am excited too. He has been a reservist for three years now and he wants to go active. I want him to feel accomplished and he loves serving in the military.

Here is a link to the PAST test.

Christmas Day

OUR first Christmas was so sweet! 

We woke up on our own, no alarm. :) We still got up earlier than I thought by hours! Prince Charming wanted us to open presents first, and we did.

I loved watching him open his major gift from me. I hoped he would love it, and his face lit up so bright! It made me so happy! 

And, I could tell he was extremely proud of the gifts he picked out for me, and I LOVED them! 

Then he put on his jersey and started reading the books I gave him and I made breakfest! I used his new waffle maker! Haha.

After breakfast, we relaxed and I took some pictures of my little Raven in the snow!

Then we traveled all the way down to Utah Valley. I drove. I felt scared to death! The roads were soooo bad. But, we made it and enjoyed Christmas dinner with his sisters and dad.

And lastly, we went to a Christmas movie! We saw Into the Woods.

I am pretty big on the idea of traditions. We celebrated this Christmas much like we did last Christmas, although last Christmas I had no idea I would be married (and so over weight).

I loved our first Christmas! And, I am extremely grateful for my husband and our humble abode.

Into The Woods

My top five thoughts:
1. The Wolf song felt extremely perverted... it really creeped me out. Really, several things were perverted and/or creeped me out.
2. The main characters all had a lack of character. Red Riding Hood: greedy, a thief, self centered and a liar. Jack: a liar and a thief. Jack's mom: greedy and abusive.The baker's wife: selfish, adulterer, liar and a thief. the baker: a liar and cowardly. The prince: adulterer vain and self centered. Cinderella: a liar and she played games with her prince to make him chase her. The Witch: vain and manipulative.
3. The movie felt very motive driven. Forsake right and wrong and live however you feel... because no matter how you live someone else lives that way too... there is no right or wrong... only right... if that is how you feel. 
4. Meryl Strepp amazed me. She is so talented. I wanted to like he movie because I appreciated her so much, but I still can not say I like it.
5. I wish we would have chosen another movie for our First Christmas movie. 

See it, rent it or skip it?
Um, rent it at best... but not to watch with children. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Heart Rate Monitor

My Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

How Long have I used it?

I purchased my heart rate monitor last August 2013 at the height of my fitness craze. I loved it. I love it. I do dream of a better one with more features, but for this little work horse gets the job done. And, I only paid forty dollars for it. The model runs about $70. Amazon runs specials often though.

What are my favorite features?
I love and need all of the features it provides.

What do I dislike about it?
The watch is incapable of monitoring me for 24 hours. My trainer last year advised I keep my monitor on for 24 hours to get an more accurate idea of how many calories my body burns, but this monitor will not do it. And, if I am not careful, it will shut off.

The battery life of the first battery in the strap only lasted three months. I replaced it, and It has been going strong for a year.

Fitness Gaget: Wireless Ear Buds on the Cheap

As is the case with most aspects of my life, I am extreme. Sometime I can settle for inexpensive, or I break the bank.

The other day whilst on my way to the post office I realized I forgot packaging tape, and as luck would have it a Big Lots lives next door to the post office. I stumbled upon my new favorite fitness gaget, Polaroid wireless earbuds for 15 bucks. I decided it was worth a try.

They are pretty awesome. The sound is way better than I expected and the small piece works in my tiny ears. They have yet to fall out during boxing, running or my regular gym workout. 

Weight Gain: The Back Story

Back Story
a little over four years ago, I began a weight loss journey.
In eight months I lost 105 pounds!
Then, I stayed with in ten pounds of the weight for almost two years.
Then, I began strength training and I lost 37 pounds, in about eight months.
I was sooo excited! I felt so comfortable in my body.
My yoga practice climbed to whole new level, 
the postures available to me rocked my world. 
I was holding handstand!
I felt on top of the world!

Then... I met a boy.
Not just any boy, THE boy.
And, he enjoyed taking me to dinner.
And, I enjoyed him spoiling me.
So, although I beat myself up for not eating as good as I should, I began to slide.
At first it was a slow slide.
You see, I still worked out all of the time.
In the first few months, I gained seven pounds.

Then, he proposed!
And, I was sooo happy!
But, the more pressure I put on myself to lose those seven pounds,
The more I seemed to gain.
And, by the time we wed five months later, I had gained 17 more pounds.
I felt so ashamed. 

THEN, we moved. 
And, I lost all of my habits and became depressed.
Although I love being married, I experienced a lot of anxiety the first few
months of marriage. I began to binge eat on Oreos.
I mass gained. 
Two months later I had more than doubled my weight gain 34lbs.
Now, seven months later I have  tripled my weight gain, almost 100lbs.

I feel horrified.
I do not feel comfortable in my body.
i don't want people to look at me.
I am grumpy all of the time.

This is my to now story. And, the back story.
I would love support, and I am going to try to document my process.
I have a lot of big fitness goals I plan to achieve.
You see, I LOVE to run, dance, hike, box and practice Yoga!

Our First Christmas: The Decorations!

{Our Front Door Wreath}

When I first started thinking about the front door I really wanted to make a pretty grand wreath, but after I unpacked my Christmas goodies, I found my sparkly red bow and decided to go simple!

{Our Entry Table Decor}

{Our Christmas Stocking and Nativity}

(Our Living Room)

{Our Dinning Room}


{Our Yard}

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Past Test: PJ v CTT

Physical Ability and Stamina Test or PAST

Both a wannabe/gonnabe Pararescue Jumper or Combat Controller must first pass the PAST. Below I have listed the minimum requirements.

2 x 25 meter underwater swim

  • Pass fail for both.

500 M Surface Swim
  • P|J: Under 10:07
  • CTT: Under 11:42
1.5 mile Run
  • P|J: Under 9:47
  • CTT: Under 10:10
Pull ups (1 min)
  • P|J: At Least 10
  • CTT: At Least 8

Situps (2 min)
  • P|J: At Least 54
  • CTT: At Least 48
Push ups (2 min)
  • P|J: At Least 52
  • CTT: At Least 48
Definitely a challenging test. Ricky has everything but the 500 meter swim in the bag. He also meets all the other minimum requirements (as per the brochures.) Which are:
  • Be a US citizen
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the ASVAB. 
  • Meet Air Force Height and Weight Standards. 
  • Be able to pass a Class III Flight Physical
  • Have at least 20/70 in both eyes. And, have normal color vision.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

MMA, Crossfit and Boxing: Date Night

 The Husband wants to fight.

 Not with me, haha. He wants to fight MMA style. Playing Army one weekend a month and preparing to become a PJ isn't enough.

He first brought this up when we were dating. He told me about how much he loves to fight. He and his best buds throw punches and wrestle for fun. Then, we wrestled. Naturally. Haha. I wasn't much of a match.

The other day he brought it up. So, I did what I do... research. I looked up all MMA gyms in the area and I stumbled upon Factum.   Factum provides training in several areas: MMA, Crossfit and Boxing GYM. Isn't that awesome!!

I love crossfit and have always wanted to take up boxing. So, we are going to give her a try! Even though, Ricky is already sold after one day.

Today went to our first class. I went to one class, Ricky went to two. We had so much fun! We even bought some wraps after class.

I really enjoyed the teaching style of instructors. The price is amazing. And, I can't wait to try the crossfit class!

We want to go three or four nights a week together. I am so excited about this!

Friday, August 29, 2014

He's BACK!

Look how handsome my husband is!! I am so proud of him! AND!
I am so happy he is home!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Indoc Video Series

This is what the hubs is preparing for. He wants to be a Pararescue Jumper, a PJ.

 Weirdly, training for something like this makes me feel excited for him. BUT! Then when I think of the whys... and I feel a wee bit scared. But, I know he is built for this. He truly is wired to be special forces. And, he loves serving his country. 

These videos are intensely informative. Kenny's focus during them made me laugh.
I could tell his mind was working hard... evaluating himself and thinking about the torture this could bring him. 

These videos have certainly given us an idea of what he will be going though...
 although it is obvious no one knows what it's like unless they go through it. 

Anyhow, you can find them on Youtube, but I wanted to put them all in one place for reference. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bye bye love, I'll catch you later

Bye bye love, I'll catch you later
As a reservist, my husband gets to go on fun training adventures... some of these adventures last longer than others. This adventure requires travel and three weeks. So, today we loaded up all his Army gear and I drove him to the airport.

(I love this man, so much!!!)

So, for the next 22 days he will be catching rays in California (And learning how to be boss in the Army). Me? Well, once I peel myself off the floor and dry my over dramatic weepy eyes, I will be working on my daily habits.

Which habits? Well... lets start with...
1. No more oreo binge eating.
2. No more binge eating. (This is the first time I have ever admitted this... but I confess, I have a big problem. Most of the time, I can control it... but big life changes often bring anxiety and I feed it with food.)
3. Creating! (Homemaking, photography, etc)
4. Increase water intake.
5. Diet.
6. I will sign up for Hot Yoga.
7. Be more on point with Scripture study. 
9. Do some sort of cardio for 30 minutes a day. 
10. work my journal and back journal entries (both photos and writing.)

Speaking of journal entries...
For our goodbye activity we bought unlimited ride tickets for the Salt Lake City County Fair. We rode rides. We ate amazing funnel cake. We laughed. I cried. And! We saw Jo Dee Messina in concert (hence the post title). We had a blasty blast. Here are some pictures: 

O' and today makes three months since we "sealed" the deal! My sweet husband and I have been married for three months! CRAZY! Three whole months of wedded bliss. Three full months of many things... trips, laughs, tears, deep conversations, silly arguments and oreo cookies. I love my husband sooooo much! Our marriage, our family, is my world. Each day brings new challenges, silly fights, new understanding and so much growth. Marriage. I did not know it would be so... exciting, challenging, different, wonderful, awful, loving, amazing, boring, or perfect! I love growing with my husband... I just want to stop growing rounder! Unless... it is with a baby belly.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Just Married

One Month and 13 days ago I married my very own prince charming. Already we have had quite the adventure together!

 I love him more everyday. Everyday, I learn something about him, myself, men, women, men and women, marriage, our marriage and life in general. It is has hard as it is blissful, fun as it is taxing and as challenging as we are loving. Marriage is such a beautiful mix of bitter and sweet. But, my goodness, the sweet sure is sweet! I love this man of mine so much!!

Also, Heavenly Father's plan for us makes a little more sense to me... It has not been a bed of roses, but I know as long as we are true and faithful... eventually it will be.  Oh, but we are so happy!

{Our Marriage so Far}
On May 7, 2014, we were sealed in the Provo Temple for time and all eternity
On May 9, 2014, we left for a short Honeymoon to Montana and Yellowstone. 
On May 18, 2014, He had drill.
On May, His baby sister graduated.
On May, His car was totaled. 
On June 5, 2014 we drove without stopping 2,000 miles to Alabama for our Alabama Reception. 
On June 7, 2014, we had our reception and the hubs met my family for the first time.
On June 8, 2014, we went to Magnolia, Alabama and visited my grandma's grave. Then we went spent time with my sisters at the gulf. 
On June 9, 2014, we left Alabama and drove to Shrevport, LA to see his brother, then we made a pit stop in OKC to see my friend Bryan and then on June 11, 2014 we saw the Braves play in  CO.
June 15, 2014, we went to his Cousins homecoming talk and luncheon. Then we went to Provo to celebrate Father's day with his father and sisters.
June 16, 2014, We went to Hill AFB and got my ID card... And, my wonderful husband started talking very seriously about going active duty.
June 17, 2014, we attended a session at the Temple for the first time together. We did sealings a few weeks prior. But this was very special... we got to do something very special. :) I love my husband! Also, and prior to our Temple trip, I found out my position at the company I have been working for for the last six years may be eliminated.

{This Blog}
I did not know how to start this blog... So, I decided I just needed to babble. :) Eventually this blog will take on a more organized... something... haha.