Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Indoc Video Series

This is what the hubs is preparing for. He wants to be a Pararescue Jumper, a PJ.

 Weirdly, training for something like this makes me feel excited for him. BUT! Then when I think of the whys... and I feel a wee bit scared. But, I know he is built for this. He truly is wired to be special forces. And, he loves serving his country. 

These videos are intensely informative. Kenny's focus during them made me laugh.
I could tell his mind was working hard... evaluating himself and thinking about the torture this could bring him. 

These videos have certainly given us an idea of what he will be going though...
 although it is obvious no one knows what it's like unless they go through it. 

Anyhow, you can find them on Youtube, but I wanted to put them all in one place for reference. 

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