Thursday, September 25, 2014

MMA, Crossfit and Boxing: Date Night

 The Husband wants to fight.

 Not with me, haha. He wants to fight MMA style. Playing Army one weekend a month and preparing to become a PJ isn't enough.

He first brought this up when we were dating. He told me about how much he loves to fight. He and his best buds throw punches and wrestle for fun. Then, we wrestled. Naturally. Haha. I wasn't much of a match.

The other day he brought it up. So, I did what I do... research. I looked up all MMA gyms in the area and I stumbled upon Factum.   Factum provides training in several areas: MMA, Crossfit and Boxing GYM. Isn't that awesome!!

I love crossfit and have always wanted to take up boxing. So, we are going to give her a try! Even though, Ricky is already sold after one day.

Today went to our first class. I went to one class, Ricky went to two. We had so much fun! We even bought some wraps after class.

I really enjoyed the teaching style of instructors. The price is amazing. And, I can't wait to try the crossfit class!

We want to go three or four nights a week together. I am so excited about this!