Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

OUR first Christmas was so sweet! 

We woke up on our own, no alarm. :) We still got up earlier than I thought by hours! Prince Charming wanted us to open presents first, and we did.

I loved watching him open his major gift from me. I hoped he would love it, and his face lit up so bright! It made me so happy! 

And, I could tell he was extremely proud of the gifts he picked out for me, and I LOVED them! 

Then he put on his jersey and started reading the books I gave him and I made breakfest! I used his new waffle maker! Haha.

After breakfast, we relaxed and I took some pictures of my little Raven in the snow!

Then we traveled all the way down to Utah Valley. I drove. I felt scared to death! The roads were soooo bad. But, we made it and enjoyed Christmas dinner with his sisters and dad.

And lastly, we went to a Christmas movie! We saw Into the Woods.

I am pretty big on the idea of traditions. We celebrated this Christmas much like we did last Christmas, although last Christmas I had no idea I would be married (and so over weight).

I loved our first Christmas! And, I am extremely grateful for my husband and our humble abode.

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