Friday, December 26, 2014

Into The Woods

My top five thoughts:
1. The Wolf song felt extremely perverted... it really creeped me out. Really, several things were perverted and/or creeped me out.
2. The main characters all had a lack of character. Red Riding Hood: greedy, a thief, self centered and a liar. Jack: a liar and a thief. Jack's mom: greedy and abusive.The baker's wife: selfish, adulterer, liar and a thief. the baker: a liar and cowardly. The prince: adulterer vain and self centered. Cinderella: a liar and she played games with her prince to make him chase her. The Witch: vain and manipulative.
3. The movie felt very motive driven. Forsake right and wrong and live however you feel... because no matter how you live someone else lives that way too... there is no right or wrong... only right... if that is how you feel. 
4. Meryl Strepp amazed me. She is so talented. I wanted to like he movie because I appreciated her so much, but I still can not say I like it.
5. I wish we would have chosen another movie for our First Christmas movie. 

See it, rent it or skip it?
Um, rent it at best... but not to watch with children. 

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