Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Heart Rate Monitor

My Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

How Long have I used it?

I purchased my heart rate monitor last August 2013 at the height of my fitness craze. I loved it. I love it. I do dream of a better one with more features, but for this little work horse gets the job done. And, I only paid forty dollars for it. The model runs about $70. Amazon runs specials often though.

What are my favorite features?
I love and need all of the features it provides.

What do I dislike about it?
The watch is incapable of monitoring me for 24 hours. My trainer last year advised I keep my monitor on for 24 hours to get an more accurate idea of how many calories my body burns, but this monitor will not do it. And, if I am not careful, it will shut off.

The battery life of the first battery in the strap only lasted three months. I replaced it, and It has been going strong for a year.

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