Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Past Test: PJ v CTT

Physical Ability and Stamina Test or PAST

Both a wannabe/gonnabe Pararescue Jumper or Combat Controller must first pass the PAST. Below I have listed the minimum requirements.

2 x 25 meter underwater swim

  • Pass fail for both.

500 M Surface Swim
  • P|J: Under 10:07
  • CTT: Under 11:42
1.5 mile Run
  • P|J: Under 9:47
  • CTT: Under 10:10
Pull ups (1 min)
  • P|J: At Least 10
  • CTT: At Least 8

Situps (2 min)
  • P|J: At Least 54
  • CTT: At Least 48
Push ups (2 min)
  • P|J: At Least 52
  • CTT: At Least 48
Definitely a challenging test. Ricky has everything but the 500 meter swim in the bag. He also meets all the other minimum requirements (as per the brochures.) Which are:
  • Be a US citizen
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the ASVAB. 
  • Meet Air Force Height and Weight Standards. 
  • Be able to pass a Class III Flight Physical
  • Have at least 20/70 in both eyes. And, have normal color vision.

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