Saturday, January 10, 2015

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Day Six

Chakra Breath and Movement Workshop with LeAnne Tolley

Chakra What?

So, I did not think I was going to enjoy learning about Chakra's. I even set an intention of being positive and approaching the day with non-judgement and a smile. You see, I love yoga. I love the free spirited spiritual side of yoga, but I still have hesitation towards it. And, I had this idea that Chakras were super hippy free spirited quirky-ish something to the 100th degree... (Translation: I do not have a word to express what I thought today would be about, but I didn't think I would like it.) However, shift happens, and after an awesome workshop, I have a little spark for Chakras now.  I am so intrigued! I am so interested! I totally want to to know more.

Chakra- a physical mapping of how emotional energy interacts with our physical bodies. 

I learned sooo much! Too much to write here and too much not to need to spend some time thinking about what was taught today. 

Other things about today:

Children's Yoga: The Warrior and Her Dog

She also took us through a children's yoga routine and gave us a amazing story to share. I can not wait to see my niece and teach her some yoga! It was so fun!

After thinking about this, I definitely want to teach children's yoga! 

Observations, thoughts  and things I loved about today:

I loved no one had to work around my body today. What do I mean? Well, the other students do not know what to do with me. Their bodies are mostly all super lean, so when they are looking at my body to see how it looks for adjustments they don't know what to do with me. So, it felt lovely to have a day where our body's were not the focus. I really did not even think about that until just now, haha.  More importantly, I loved how much I learned from LeAnne.

I loved the way LeAnne taught. I like that she said dude a lot. I enjoyed she had a passion for football. I enjoyed that she made everyone feel comfortable whether they bought into what she was teaching or not she made sure no one felt pressured by what she was teaching.

I loved the idea of having a focus for my teaching. Until today I have not really thought about having a focus other than Ashatanga Yoga for my teaching. I do not know what I want that to be... I do not know exactly what message I want to convey. I do know the reason I want to teach... and that is to help others feel the best parts of themselves.

I loved the idea of having a book of experience. She shared with us her experience becoming a certified teacher through Yoga Alliance 20 years ago. She said teachers had to travel around the country and make a book of experience. I want to make a book of experience! What a wonderful idea! I already felt drawn to that idea. I have been looking up teachers training like crazy the past few days and I was not sure why because I have been enjoying my experience and would necessarily need additional training for the 200 hr YTT.

I loved my moment towards self actualization. When she first started teaching she went over some of the principles of Yoga. She went over Yamas and Niyamas. When she got to Aparigraha (Non-Coveting/Non-Attachment) she asked if we coveted our past selves. Then she said something profound, you can't climb a latter without letting go, and when she said that I felt free. I may not feel so free tomorrow... but I am not that picture I was this time last year, and that is okay! Haha.

I loved more things! But this post is already my longest! And, I want to post about the week as a whole tonight too. So! I will say.... Namaste!

The End! 

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