Friday, January 9, 2015

200 HR Teacher Training: Day Five

Fresh. Today felt better. I love a fresh start. I went in the middle of the circle. I felt fearless. Literally. I did not hesitate and only in retrospect am I considering my insecurities... and how I over came them by deciding before I entered the studio.

Much later, I addressed my size in a non-judge mental way. I just mentioned difficulty in doing a posture and how I modify because of my size. The instructor actually said my modification made the posture more difficult... For me it doesn't, but I won't recommend it to others.

I hope me being okay with me will allow others to be okay with me. One of the instructors and I talked a little about it later. She called it my love weight. Haha, what a positive way to look at it.

Most noteworthy for me... I had my first teaching experience from my script. It felt hard, but I loved it! It amazes me how different it is to teach than practice. Of course I knew it would be different, but the act is so much different than the idea of the act. I loved it.

The are starting to take down the Christmas lights in the shopping area outside the studio, so I snapped a picture. :) 

I have so many notes in my journal, but I must be back at the studio in the morning since it will be Saturday. So, Namaste!

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