Saturday, January 17, 2015

200 HR Yoga Teachers Training: Day Twelve

Hip Hip Parade!
Today was AWESOME!

Our teacher training class attended the Hip Parade workshop with Jen Rene of Ashtanga Dispatch and it was AWESOME. I learned a lot about lotus, and I hope I remember it for one day when my thighs are smaller and Lotus may be available to me. But, I LOVED it! I do not have much else to say about it... mostly because we all hung out in postures that stretched our hips and required lots of attention. Haha. So, all my comments would be about my hips. One day when I am a little lighter or my limbs are a little longer I definitely will attend another workshop with her.

{Picture is a 3B Yoga Ad}

There are so many different teaching personalities. It is so interesting to explore. I wonder what my teaching personality will be like.  I hope I will be giving, kind, soothing and encouraging.

Then after we learned about Fascia in the body and we looked each other and verbally adjusted each other.

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