Monday, January 5, 2015

200 HR Teacher Training: First Day, First Day Intention and Excitement

Today, I start my journey to become a Yoga Instructor! 

I am soooo excited about Yoga Teachers Training this evening. It was the first thing on my mind as my eyes popped opened this morning. Truly, I have been dreaming of this experience for years.

I began my yoga journey in July 2011. I had just lost 100 pounds and one of the specific reasons I listed for losing weight was that I wanted to practice Yoga. I was heavy, but so fit. And, I fell in love with yoga and how in touch it put me with my body. (Click here for my Weight Story.)

Before I moved to Utah, I researched yoga studios and when I found the Web site for 3B Yoga, I knew I had found a place for my practice. I maintained my practice for over two years at this studio. I learned so much as a patron, and I can not wait to grow more as I work to get my practice back and start healing my body from this recent relapse.

I am only 50 pounds away from being back at my starting weight when I made that wish list back in October 2010. And, this has affected my confidence greatly. I am so scared of going to back to the studio I just left in May.  I fear the way people will look at me and how I will feel. I fear my own thoughts and interpretations. I fear my body's limitations. But, fear nor my weight will ruin this experience for me. 

My intention for this first day is to not let fear of not being accepted or negative thoughts control my openness and to focus on and appreciate the beauty in myself and those around me. 

I was beautiful in this picture from last year, and 

I am still beautiful today. It does not matter that today I look and feel different. 

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