Friday, January 30, 2015

Namaste Y'all: My Teaching Philosophy

"Now is the perfect time to breathe kindness into our personal practice, allow our bodies to be where they are, modify, adapt and  
GROW a little lighter today to wake up and be a little brighter tomorrow."

 Yoga allows us to simply be and grow from where we are. Every breath brings change.

With Breath, yoga brings a warmth to our bodies and an awakening to our minds. Breath encourages kindness and patience to our practice. Bandhas manifest strength and confidence that we can hold ourselves together and up. And, the practice, as a whole, invites us on a journey inward and onward. For every person and every practice, that place will be different, and there is great beauty in that. 

After persistent practice against resistance, when my body seems to magically open up to an asana,.. these moments feed my love and ignite passion for the practice and make my world a little brighter.

I hope to share the warmth and light of yoga with practice free from criticism and complacency and full of encouragement and love.

Be Kind. Modify. Adapt. Practice. Grow. 

Now is our perfect time. 

Namaste Y'all

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