Friday, March 27, 2015

Functional Fridays: Functional Training for Weight Loss

Functional Training

What is Functional Training?

Functional training includes exercises, both with and without equipment, which utilize movements that improve our overall quality of life: agility, flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, endurance and mobility. 

Who should do Functional Training? 

Obese/ Overweight (Keep reading, cuz I'm going to talk about us below!)

*Want to know more about why for the category you fall under, leave a comment! Or, if you live in Utah, find a VASA Fitness ASAP! 

Functional Training for Weight Loss

Functional Training excersises tend to involve multiple muscle groups. These excersises burn more calories because they are usuing more muscle.

Being optimistic, when we are over weight, we build more muscle. We build this muscle to carry ourselves around, mostly. BUT! If we workout and eat to maintain the muscle while we work to lose bodyfat, then we can really make our bodies work for us! For instance, although I am way big, I have 88 lbs of muscle on my frame. This means if I do intense fully body workouts, I can quickly take my body from burning 1232 calories at rest to burning 4400 calories at rest. Not only are you torching calories at rest, but look at my calories during my FUNCTIONAL FRIDAY WORKOUT:

 Functional Training means more calories. And,  it helps our bodies work more efficiently doing everyday tasks... so if we are very out of shape, functional training helps structure your body to perform normal daily tasks and errands a little easier. We also build more endurance, faster, which allows us to workout harder and longer!

My Functional Friday 

My Workout Today: 

I did two sets of the following: 

Walking Lunges with Kickback (12x, with 20lb Pink Bar)
Side Lunges (as many as possible 60 sec)
Med Ball Throws  (as many as possible 60 sec)
Sumo Squat with Kettle Bell (25 lb Kettlebell, 25x)
KB Swings (25 lb Kettlebell, 15x)
Standing One Leg Balance, and Alternating Dumbbell Curl (10 lbs, 15x each leg)
Step Up  (60 sec)
Lunge to bicep curl (20x, 10 lbs DB)
Reverse lunge and with Lateral Raise (20x, 5lbs DB)
Squat to Should Press  (10x, 10 lbs DB)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Steps to Lasting Weight Loss

1. Commit.
2. Determine your Why.
3. Surround yourself with motivation
4. Set incremental Goals. (The What!)
5. Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan Everything. (The How!)
6. Get Right with Food
7. Surround yourself with motivation
8. Strength Training
9. High Intensity Cardio
10. TIME, give it time. Map your progress.

 I plan to lose over 100 lbs before 2015 is over. My tactics will be aggressive, but not unhealthy. I have the tools, the knowledge and the support to accomplish this weight loss. But, I do not only desire to simply tell you about my journey, I want to share the tools I use to get there! 

Over the next Ten weeks I will write about each step, but over the next 10 months... I will show these steps in motion, as I embark on my journey back to fit.