Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Engagement: in photographs


Our brief Dating Storing... in pictures, mostly.

Our first date, to be honest, I am not sure when our first date happened.

He came to Christmas breakfast and never left, haha. Seriously... kinda. 

We spent all day Christmas together (above), then two days later we went out... played pool and watched a movie and stayed up way late talking. 

A few days later he invited me to go with him to Temple square to see the lights. Then we had a few other little dates.

 Then New Years Eve, he and I spent the night together and that is when we first kissed. 

And he came back to spend most of New Years Day with me. He took my picture on the lake doing Yoga! 

And, we watched the Alabama Championship game!

Other cute pictures from another trip to SLC.

Then even more time passed and more time together and a few weeks later we ran into one of his friends. His friend asked if I was his girlfriend. The hubs responded, I don't know, ask her. The blood drained from my face. Haha... We talked about it a little later and we made our little relationship official. The next day I texted a few guys I had been seeing and that was that. My husband was my boyfriend. 

One month later, almost to the day, we were engaged. Yes, Engaged! 

I can't wait for my children to be old enough to care and read this. I love my hubby and my story. I think it is so romantically. :)  And, silly me, I did not keep a journal! So sad, I had so many thoughts and feelings and butterflies and worries and happy stories, and I did not write them down, so most of them are gone. The hubs has about a three day memory... if it did not happen lately, it happened and it was good, but he has no details! Haha. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodness Gracious, I can't write a blog post!

Goodness Gracious, Writers block is real y'all!

Today is day two of my serious commitment to write three times a week on this bloggity blog (I have had my blog a lot longer). And every. single. post. has been saved for a later day.... I can't seem to finish a post. I get a fantastic idea or a sweet memory, I start to type and the words flow for a minute and then.... NOTHING! Wow. Blogging with the intent of others reading is harder than I thought! All you lovely ladies who I have blog stalked religiously make it look so easy!


{Life News: New Job}

Yesterday, I had a job interview. The anxiety of waiting is killing me! I usually rock interviews... but I also stay with my jobs FOREVER! So, I have not had very many adult interviews. And, I failed this interview a little. But, I hope I get a second interview! This job is with the same company, but the job is such a better fit for me and my personality. Wish me luck friends!

{Maybe blogging is like having imaginary friends as an adult... haha. Maybe this will be my next writers block post!}

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Madness! Rambling, Survey and a workout!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last night I made a list! And my goal today is to complete it!
I am about to start food prepping.
We have a busy day before I go to work.
And, any minute, the hubs will be coming in here to ask what's for breakfast... so I gots to hurry!

ABC Survey!!

I found this cute little survey on Run Pretty!

Should all posts have pictures? I dunno, but I am adding some to my little survey!

A. Attached or Single? Attached! Sealed. ONE! Haha. :)

B. Best Friend? Shante Renee Russell, my sisters and my husband's sisters, and Jamie Fowler, and Logan and Elizabeth... and more! I do not have just one best friend! I do have the BEST friends though! :) 
C. Cake or pie? Um, both! Cheesecake! And Key lime pie! 
D. Day of choice? Sunday! 
E. Essential Item?  Hair brush! 
F. Favorite color? Pink! White! Turquoise! It depends!
G. Gummy bears or worms? WORMS! Of course!
H. Home town?  I do not have a hometown really, the Navy (See pic below)? Mostly I claim the State of Alabama!! (As my home town? Yes... cuz I was born in Mobile, graduated high school in North Alabama and then went to college and started my career in Tuscaloosa!)

I. Favorite Indulgence? Lancome anything! 
J. January or July?  I LOVE July 4th! So, I will go with July!
K. Kids? Not yet. But, I think about baby names all the time!
L. Life isn’t complete without? My other half! I love him soooo much!!
M. Marriage date? May 7, 2014, my great grandma's birthday, which she used to inform everyone was the day the Lusitania sank.
N. Number of brothers/sisters? I am the oldest of FOUR! Two sisters and a brother, and they are AMAZING!
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples!
P. Phobias?  I have a few! I do not like lizards!
Q. Quotes? 
"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." -Elle Woods
R. Reasons to smile?  My hot hubby! (Excuse his hair, we camped and did not really primp before we got to the canyon....)

S. Season of choice?  Spring and Autumn!
T. Tell me something? I love Yoga!  And this is like... my signature picture pose... I have pictures of me doing this on tops of mountains, on top of the frozen lake pictured below and basically everywhere!!

U. Unknown fact about me?  I have always been photogenic, but during the early school years... I have more photos of me with this awkward non-smile than smiling. Bless my little heart... 


V. Vegetable? Spinach
W. Worst habit? Binge Eating when life gets too stressful.
X. X-ray or Ultrasound?  Um, hopefully neither!
Y. Your favorite food? Chicken and Pizza!
Z. Zodiac sign? I am a Libra! 
Your turn!  I MUST know your answers. NOW! 

And later that day.... :) I decided to add this!

WORK OUT: Special Forces Prep: THOR3 

The hubs is trying to go SF, so I found a workout on a special forces recruiting site and am training him through it... and then... I decided I should do it too!! I skipped a few... I am a little chubby, but surprisingly... not very out of shape! 

A. Dynamic Warm UP
B. 15x, 4 sets
Front Squat
Lat Pull Down:

C. 12x, 3 sets
Barbell Split Squat
Single Arm DB Bench Row
Double DB Row
Russian Twists with Med Ball

D. Varies 
Single Leg Piston Squats, 10x, 3 sets
Pull ups 5+,5+, Max
Sit ups 20+, 20+, Max
Push Ups 10+, 10+, 25x

E. Varies
Back Extension 10x, 3 sets
DB Combo Raise 5x, 3 sets
Planks (Front and both sides. 30 sec each)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dating: The pre-dating story

I love our dating story! AND! I love we have pictures along the whole way!!

The first time I met my husband was at a church function called Family Home Evening. I got their late, and sat in the back. Not. Like. Me. But, I was dating this guy (We'll refer to him as USU), and we were texting and I was waiting for a date. O' the nerves.

So, I got there late, I probably smelled as I got their straight from the gym. Then, I sat in the back by the door, which just so happened to be beside my future hubby. And then, rude as I am, almost leaned across him, I think I said hi first, to ask Ranelle if she was up on the Braves score. Then I noticed our middle man was wearing a falcons hat... Needless to say, He liked our chatter. This is the first time I remember noticing him. I spoke to him briefly and mingled during refreshments and then I bolted.

Funny fact, I remember thinking he was super attractive. I also remember thinking all the young girls were super lucky to have choices like him. (The older Young Single Adult had some good guys too, I just found this little guy super attractive.)

How did we get together?
Well, I am glad you asked! (Or didn't, haha)

On November 10, 2013, I invited tons of people to come watch the Alabama v. LSU game at Buffalo Wild Wings. I regularly had Bama Parties in Utah County. I love me some Bama Football. Well, one of the friends I invited showed up with my future hubs. It's funny, I thought about inviting him, but I did not have his number and I didn't remember his name. So, I told him to put his number in my phone so I could invite him to get togethers and church events (I was the Activities co-chair) in the future. (He later told me he bragged to our friend Jonathan about getting my number! Too Cute! But, at this point dating him, a baby, was the furthest thing from mind. I was still hooked on and waiting for USU and a few other guys.)

ANYWAY! This game was sort of the start! Check out all of our super cute photos!

{This is our first photo together, even though we are't together! Haha.}

 {Even Miss Raven had a special bow for the big day!}

After the game, he texted me pretty regularly. I always responded. I thought he was a sweet little guy, and to be honest I really wanted to help him find someone! Haha.

Anyhow, I ended up inviting him (and about 20 other peeps) to a Christmas party I was co-hosting. Some of my favorite peeps showed up. My Hubs was one of them!  We had a pushup contest! I had a rough Sunday, so I did not fix my hair or put on makeup, or change out of my  comfy church clothes all day... I should have been embarrassed... but the USU told me he wasn't coming, so I did not really care.

{I hate this photo of me, my face looks like a moon pie!
 But, the hubs looks so handsome! 
And, two of my sweet guy friends are also in the photo}

He was sooooo sweet. He texted early that day and asked what he should bring. I told him we would be decorating cookies, but he didn't have to bring anything. He showed up with two rolls of cookie dough and some sprinkles... He had clearly stopped at a store just for the party. Too cute.

From this point one, he texted a little more than he already had. I really never thought anything of it... mostly because of the age difference. (For a split second at BWW, I thought he had a chance. I thought he might be older than I had originally thought, then I found out he was 22... and he was exactly as young as I thought. haha.)

Keepin it Simple! Simple Six-Months!

My goals for the next six months are simple!

  • Reach my Wedding Weight
    • I am ashamed and hurt that I have gained so much weight. I do not know how I let it happen. But, I do know exactly how to reverse it... and so I am going to take control and get it done! (I know you can't see me, but you can see it in my face for sure. And in this pic, I was 10 lbs lighter than on my wedding day.)
    • Do the Jamie Eason Live fit trainer, while adjusting to FedEx! Then go crazy with yo' own plan!
  • Blog at least three times a week.
    • I love to write! I love to look back and life moves so fast! Keeping track of my life is sooooo important! It is also a way for me to keep myself accountable for these little goals of mine! 
  • Take my NASM certification test.
  • Hike Timp!
  • Teach Yoga! 
    • My Yoga Teachers Certification was not cheap and I have yet to put it to good use. AND! More importantly, I looooove yoga and I truly believe it is for everyone! And, I have responsibility to share it! 
  • Be active in the 419th FRG.
  • Read/Study the New Testament!
  • Train Ricky! He needs a 300 on his next PT test! And, he has the Spartan in One month and ten days!
  • Bring back photos! 
    • I LOVE photography! Love it. I stopped taking pictures... and that makes me sad! 
    • I want to attend a Blush by BK workshop before I leave Utah
  • Be/Get/Stay Organized! De-clutter and better organize our home! AND! Meal plan and prep!

Um, what happened to blogging? And, the last two weeks?

I used to be awesome at blogging... on a private blog... for years... and then I loaded up my life and moved myself to Utah for my job. And, the more adventurous my life got, the less I blogged. But, now that I have been married a year and ten days... maybe it will settle down? Haha, not a chance. The husband and I have big plans, so I am committing, right here, right now (to my family and friends and future children and future self), I am going to do a better job at this blogging/journal/ thing. 

This last week was an adventure and two halves!

  • We went on our first anniversary trip! It was amazing!! The above picture is of us at the Grand Canyon.
  • Talked to the mothers in my life! :) 
  • We watched Mad Max
  • We watched the Hawks beat on the Wizards, twice and take their series! Yay!! Go Hawks!
  • I went on an interview!
  • I made  a concrete list of things I want to accomplish in the next six months! 

The week before:
  • Allan got home! We had dinner with his family, he and the Hubs went long boarding and we took him to Ricky's fav place to get his hair cut. 
  • Baby sis turned 25! CRAZY! 
  • We celebrated our ONE year anniversary!
  • I went to a movie by myself. (I know, it sounds weird... but I LOVE going to the movies by myself!) I saw The Age of Adaline

Clearly! I have a lot to start blogging about!! Imma get on that!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy One YEAR Anniversary Trip! Paper, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Vegas!

Oh' my. How has it been a year? 

 Life is certainly about choices and we decided to make memories and forgo gifts... just call us ballers on a budget. However, I am printing one of our Grand Canyon photos! So, Paper! We got paper for our anniversary!

Are  you traditional? Did you get paper for your first anniversary (or when you get married do you want to)? I am. I am pretty traditional... I love them! Tradition comforts me and makes me feel warm inside. I suppose loving tradition does not necessarily mean traditional! Nonetheless, I think I am traditional and I love traditions!

So my grand idea, born on our honey moon, is for us to take trips for our anniversary to national parks and monuments and such!

Now for our One Year Anniversary Trip details...

The Anniversary Trip

The husband and I took a much needed trip for our Anniversary. We Loved it!! Hiccups and all!!

Hiccup one: the hubs didn't get finished with his work load on time, so we left late. He drove first (cuz he is a champ). Then I drove, and when we got close to the road we needed to turn on I pulled over and drove off the road  a little bit and found what I thought was a perfect place to set up our tent.

We camped on the side of the road!

Y'all, I was scared to death. I was so jumpy. I knew it was a good spot, but it still felt dangerous. And there was a ridiculous amount of jack rabbits and wild bunnies... I could hear them all around us. And, I felt really scared we were going to end up in some The Hills Have Eyes situation. But, we survived and I woke up to a might beautiful view!

Hiccup Number two resulted in a lovely detour!

 Hiccup Number two: We drove to our turn off and there was a gate. The Grand Canyon was locked! Luckily, there are two rims! We decided to drive to other one! And along the way we came upon the following beauty:


Then, We explored the Grand Canyon!

After we explored and I took millions of pictures we decided to head on to Vegas and we really wanted to play on the Hoover Dam too!

We played on Hoover Dam!

And, we survived Vegas! 

In Vegas,
We ate lunch at the Madalay Bay, and then
We went to Shark Reef Aquarium 
We explored MGM (looking for the lions).
We rode the rides on top of the Stratosphere,
and ate at this little restaurant on the first floor. It was so good.
And, then we went to see the fountains at the Bellagio