Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dating: The pre-dating story

I love our dating story! AND! I love we have pictures along the whole way!!

The first time I met my husband was at a church function called Family Home Evening. I got their late, and sat in the back. Not. Like. Me. But, I was dating this guy (We'll refer to him as USU), and we were texting and I was waiting for a date. O' the nerves.

So, I got there late, I probably smelled as I got their straight from the gym. Then, I sat in the back by the door, which just so happened to be beside my future hubby. And then, rude as I am, almost leaned across him, I think I said hi first, to ask Ranelle if she was up on the Braves score. Then I noticed our middle man was wearing a falcons hat... Needless to say, He liked our chatter. This is the first time I remember noticing him. I spoke to him briefly and mingled during refreshments and then I bolted.

Funny fact, I remember thinking he was super attractive. I also remember thinking all the young girls were super lucky to have choices like him. (The older Young Single Adult had some good guys too, I just found this little guy super attractive.)

How did we get together?
Well, I am glad you asked! (Or didn't, haha)

On November 10, 2013, I invited tons of people to come watch the Alabama v. LSU game at Buffalo Wild Wings. I regularly had Bama Parties in Utah County. I love me some Bama Football. Well, one of the friends I invited showed up with my future hubs. It's funny, I thought about inviting him, but I did not have his number and I didn't remember his name. So, I told him to put his number in my phone so I could invite him to get togethers and church events (I was the Activities co-chair) in the future. (He later told me he bragged to our friend Jonathan about getting my number! Too Cute! But, at this point dating him, a baby, was the furthest thing from mind. I was still hooked on and waiting for USU and a few other guys.)

ANYWAY! This game was sort of the start! Check out all of our super cute photos!

{This is our first photo together, even though we are't together! Haha.}

 {Even Miss Raven had a special bow for the big day!}

After the game, he texted me pretty regularly. I always responded. I thought he was a sweet little guy, and to be honest I really wanted to help him find someone! Haha.

Anyhow, I ended up inviting him (and about 20 other peeps) to a Christmas party I was co-hosting. Some of my favorite peeps showed up. My Hubs was one of them!  We had a pushup contest! I had a rough Sunday, so I did not fix my hair or put on makeup, or change out of my  comfy church clothes all day... I should have been embarrassed... but the USU told me he wasn't coming, so I did not really care.

{I hate this photo of me, my face looks like a moon pie!
 But, the hubs looks so handsome! 
And, two of my sweet guy friends are also in the photo}

He was sooooo sweet. He texted early that day and asked what he should bring. I told him we would be decorating cookies, but he didn't have to bring anything. He showed up with two rolls of cookie dough and some sprinkles... He had clearly stopped at a store just for the party. Too cute.

From this point one, he texted a little more than he already had. I really never thought anything of it... mostly because of the age difference. (For a split second at BWW, I thought he had a chance. I thought he might be older than I had originally thought, then I found out he was 22... and he was exactly as young as I thought. haha.)

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