Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodness Gracious, I can't write a blog post!

Goodness Gracious, Writers block is real y'all!

Today is day two of my serious commitment to write three times a week on this bloggity blog (I have had my blog a lot longer). And every. single. post. has been saved for a later day.... I can't seem to finish a post. I get a fantastic idea or a sweet memory, I start to type and the words flow for a minute and then.... NOTHING! Wow. Blogging with the intent of others reading is harder than I thought! All you lovely ladies who I have blog stalked religiously make it look so easy!


{Life News: New Job}

Yesterday, I had a job interview. The anxiety of waiting is killing me! I usually rock interviews... but I also stay with my jobs FOREVER! So, I have not had very many adult interviews. And, I failed this interview a little. But, I hope I get a second interview! This job is with the same company, but the job is such a better fit for me and my personality. Wish me luck friends!

{Maybe blogging is like having imaginary friends as an adult... haha. Maybe this will be my next writers block post!}

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  1. Writer's block is the WORST! Had it for years....
    Keep posting about your life. It is like having imaginary friends; or even a big imaginary family. Everyone is interested in your business, like your family! Haha