Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy One YEAR Anniversary Trip! Paper, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Vegas!

Oh' my. How has it been a year? 

 Life is certainly about choices and we decided to make memories and forgo gifts... just call us ballers on a budget. However, I am printing one of our Grand Canyon photos! So, Paper! We got paper for our anniversary!

Are  you traditional? Did you get paper for your first anniversary (or when you get married do you want to)? I am. I am pretty traditional... I love them! Tradition comforts me and makes me feel warm inside. I suppose loving tradition does not necessarily mean traditional! Nonetheless, I think I am traditional and I love traditions!

So my grand idea, born on our honey moon, is for us to take trips for our anniversary to national parks and monuments and such!

Now for our One Year Anniversary Trip details...

The Anniversary Trip

The husband and I took a much needed trip for our Anniversary. We Loved it!! Hiccups and all!!

Hiccup one: the hubs didn't get finished with his work load on time, so we left late. He drove first (cuz he is a champ). Then I drove, and when we got close to the road we needed to turn on I pulled over and drove off the road  a little bit and found what I thought was a perfect place to set up our tent.

We camped on the side of the road!

Y'all, I was scared to death. I was so jumpy. I knew it was a good spot, but it still felt dangerous. And there was a ridiculous amount of jack rabbits and wild bunnies... I could hear them all around us. And, I felt really scared we were going to end up in some The Hills Have Eyes situation. But, we survived and I woke up to a might beautiful view!

Hiccup Number two resulted in a lovely detour!

 Hiccup Number two: We drove to our turn off and there was a gate. The Grand Canyon was locked! Luckily, there are two rims! We decided to drive to other one! And along the way we came upon the following beauty:


Then, We explored the Grand Canyon!

After we explored and I took millions of pictures we decided to head on to Vegas and we really wanted to play on the Hoover Dam too!

We played on Hoover Dam!

And, we survived Vegas! 

In Vegas,
We ate lunch at the Madalay Bay, and then
We went to Shark Reef Aquarium 
We explored MGM (looking for the lions).
We rode the rides on top of the Stratosphere,
and ate at this little restaurant on the first floor. It was so good.
And, then we went to see the fountains at the Bellagio

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