Friday, May 22, 2015

Our brief Dating Storing... in pictures, mostly.

Our first date, to be honest, I am not sure when our first date happened.

He came to Christmas breakfast and never left, haha. Seriously... kinda. 

We spent all day Christmas together (above), then two days later we went out... played pool and watched a movie and stayed up way late talking. 

A few days later he invited me to go with him to Temple square to see the lights. Then we had a few other little dates.

 Then New Years Eve, he and I spent the night together and that is when we first kissed. 

And he came back to spend most of New Years Day with me. He took my picture on the lake doing Yoga! 

And, we watched the Alabama Championship game!

Other cute pictures from another trip to SLC.

Then even more time passed and more time together and a few weeks later we ran into one of his friends. His friend asked if I was his girlfriend. The hubs responded, I don't know, ask her. The blood drained from my face. Haha... We talked about it a little later and we made our little relationship official. The next day I texted a few guys I had been seeing and that was that. My husband was my boyfriend. 

One month later, almost to the day, we were engaged. Yes, Engaged! 

I can't wait for my children to be old enough to care and read this. I love my hubby and my story. I think it is so romantically. :)  And, silly me, I did not keep a journal! So sad, I had so many thoughts and feelings and butterflies and worries and happy stories, and I did not write them down, so most of them are gone. The hubs has about a three day memory... if it did not happen lately, it happened and it was good, but he has no details! Haha. 

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