Sunday, May 17, 2015

Keepin it Simple! Simple Six-Months!

My goals for the next six months are simple!

  • Reach my Wedding Weight
    • I am ashamed and hurt that I have gained so much weight. I do not know how I let it happen. But, I do know exactly how to reverse it... and so I am going to take control and get it done! (I know you can't see me, but you can see it in my face for sure. And in this pic, I was 10 lbs lighter than on my wedding day.)
    • Do the Jamie Eason Live fit trainer, while adjusting to FedEx! Then go crazy with yo' own plan!
  • Blog at least three times a week.
    • I love to write! I love to look back and life moves so fast! Keeping track of my life is sooooo important! It is also a way for me to keep myself accountable for these little goals of mine! 
  • Take my NASM certification test.
  • Hike Timp!
  • Teach Yoga! 
    • My Yoga Teachers Certification was not cheap and I have yet to put it to good use. AND! More importantly, I looooove yoga and I truly believe it is for everyone! And, I have responsibility to share it! 
  • Be active in the 419th FRG.
  • Read/Study the New Testament!
  • Train Ricky! He needs a 300 on his next PT test! And, he has the Spartan in One month and ten days!
  • Bring back photos! 
    • I LOVE photography! Love it. I stopped taking pictures... and that makes me sad! 
    • I want to attend a Blush by BK workshop before I leave Utah
  • Be/Get/Stay Organized! De-clutter and better organize our home! AND! Meal plan and prep!

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