Sunday, May 17, 2015

Um, what happened to blogging? And, the last two weeks?

I used to be awesome at blogging... on a private blog... for years... and then I loaded up my life and moved myself to Utah for my job. And, the more adventurous my life got, the less I blogged. But, now that I have been married a year and ten days... maybe it will settle down? Haha, not a chance. The husband and I have big plans, so I am committing, right here, right now (to my family and friends and future children and future self), I am going to do a better job at this blogging/journal/ thing. 

This last week was an adventure and two halves!

  • We went on our first anniversary trip! It was amazing!! The above picture is of us at the Grand Canyon.
  • Talked to the mothers in my life! :) 
  • We watched Mad Max
  • We watched the Hawks beat on the Wizards, twice and take their series! Yay!! Go Hawks!
  • I went on an interview!
  • I made  a concrete list of things I want to accomplish in the next six months! 

The week before:
  • Allan got home! We had dinner with his family, he and the Hubs went long boarding and we took him to Ricky's fav place to get his hair cut. 
  • Baby sis turned 25! CRAZY! 
  • We celebrated our ONE year anniversary!
  • I went to a movie by myself. (I know, it sounds weird... but I LOVE going to the movies by myself!) I saw The Age of Adaline

Clearly! I have a lot to start blogging about!! Imma get on that!

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