Monday, October 5, 2015

Meet Julio the German Shepherd, our little fur baby

Meet Julio the German Shepherd, our little fur baby!

We got Julio the day he turned 11 weeks.
He spent the first 11 weeks of his little life with his parents and siblings.
We loved that his years were still floppy when we saw him for the first time.
When we picked him, one of his ears was standing.
He still has a tiny bit of baby in these pictures.

He was born on the 4th of July! 
He loves sticks.
He learned to sit and lay down in a hour.
He thinks the hubs is also a dog.
He climbs on him, licks his face and they wrestle.
He loves his kennel, and gets upset with me when I crawl in it to get stuff.
He also loves our little walks.
He loves to have his belly rubbed. 

We are so scared he will grow too fast and will have issues.
In the last week, he has gained 3 lbs almost exactly. 
The day we got him he weighed in at 24.6 lbs.
In a few months I will post a picture of him a week so we can watch him grow.

One last thing, the name story? 

You see, in our home... we love football. 

My undergrad years were spent on the campus of the University of Alabama, where every day is game day and Sunday testimonies often include references to the Tide. Even more than UA being my Alma Mater, I grew up loving the Tide.

The hubs does not love the Crimson Tide (well... not yet). The hubs and I met in Utah. However, he was born just outside of Atlanta Georgia. He LOVES all things sports out of Atlanta, especially the Falcons. 

One game day, I was fantasizing about having a puppy and it hit me. One of the funnest players to watch while at school was Julio Jones. He was amazing. When the Tide had the ball, even if Jones was not on the field... the fans would yell "Throw the ball to Julio, throw the ball to Julio."  Right now, Julio Jones, from Foley, Alabama,  plays for the Falcons. Julio would marry our Favorite football teams! We had to have a pup named Julio! And we had to teach him to fetch by saying "Throw the ball to Julio."

And thus we decided, if we got a German Shepherd, his name would be Julio.

And then, my amazing Momma surprised me by offering to get us a little German Shepherd for my birthday this year! I think she loved my name idea more than I did! Haha. 

Later this week, I am posting about picking our puppy and the experiences we had. Some were quite interesting! 

At the Breeders

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