Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh. Hello October.

Oh Hello October


I love you.
I truly do.
But, how are you here already?

Where is my little life going?
Time  moves so very fast. 

My October Goals

1. Lose lots of lbs. :)
2. Walk my new little friends 2 miles a day.
3. Finish our kitchen table.
4. Begin my daily Yoga practice, again.
5. Write on this little blog. 
6. Train Julio to come, stay and get in his bed.
7. Take more pictures, and especially of the Great Salt Lake.

October, I hope...

October, I hope I watch every session of conference.
October, I hope I live every day of you.
October, I hope the hubby's papers are moved forward.
October, I hope my sweet niece Laila has the best Halloween EVER!
October, I hope when we next meet, I am enjoying an East Coast Autumn! 

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