Monday, October 12, 2015

Sofa Lust: Oh I need (want) a new one sooo bad.

For my birthday, I requested a sectional. 
Happily, I got a beautiful puppy.
This beautiful puppy put my couch on hold.
I still lust after a beautiful leather sectional... but puppy chews. 
I would not be a happy camper if puppy chewed my new sofa.
Of course we are training him not to, but accidents happen. So I will wait.
I will wait for a sectional. 

Also, with the hubs will likely going active duty, which means we will have a big move soon enough. Yes, that just just another reason not to get a couch.  So, I am stuck with our old couch, we'll call her Birtha. I'll share pictures of her one day... as I wait... and dream about a new one. Haha.

So for now, let me share my sofa lust:

This one is my absolute favorite. I looooove it! 

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