Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ya know... Life stuff

We got another puppy (like three months ago)! I need to post so many pictures of her! We have not taken nearly as many pictures of her. She graduates from her puppy training class next Saturday. Time has flown by so quickly. We picked her up when she was only 11 weeks! In two days she will be five months. She is only 36 lbs.

Julio will be 11 months on June 4th, he is 84 lbs and holding. Haha. He will be graduating his advanced training class in a couple weeks.

 We are moving to Wyoming! :)

Some of our and some my goals 
for the rest of the year! 

  • We are going to adopt a more Paleo-ish diet. The hubby is healthy as a horse, has four percent body fat, but I need to lose a lot of weight, a lot of weight... just to be healthy. Healthy is my goal, efficiency is the hubs goal.
  • A successful move! We have so much to do! 
  • We are going to run the Saraland, Alabama Spartan Race! (I might do a sprint and Hubby might do a beast in CO in August.)
  • I need yoga in my life! My goal is to get a daily practice back in my life, and the hubby loves doing yoga too! 
  • I want to spend at least 30 minutes a day training my pups. 
  • I want to hike Mt. Timpanogos with my brother. He is supposed to come visit early October! :)