Our Story

{Our Love Story}

{Our Love Story, The Beginning}
Part One:
Part Three: Wedding
Part Four: Honeymoon
Part Five: Alabama Reception and Road Trip

{Our Ever After}
First Anniversary and First Anniversary Fun

{The Mrs}

I am a Newlywed (not any more) absolutely in love with my husband.  I still feel like I am playing house... or rather playing rental, haha.   I love it. I have always loved homemaking.

I attended the University of Alabama and majored in Public Relations. I worked as a PR Director for FastHealth Corporation and then as their VP of PR for a total of six years. But, recently I decided to start down a new path. I am now working at Vasa Fitness in PT sales and am working toward becoming a personal trainer (I will be NASM certified in a couple months) as one of their Operations Managers.

In January 2014 I obtained my yoga teachers certification and am now a yoga instructor!!!

My most favorite things to do are Yoga, workout, decorate, dance, take photos, bake, climb mountains, kiss my husband and confess things publicly (apparently).

{The Mr}

My husband drives for Fedex and serves in the Army Reserves (but he is considering going active duty turned in paper work to go active duty. Few things get him more excited than serving our country in the Army. (I am most happy to say I am one of those things!)  I am so proud of him and thankful for his service. His Favorite color is green. He loves punk rock, all things military, long boarding, teasing his sisters and playing with his friends. He is passionate about the Braves, Hawks and Atlanta Falcons. AND! He is currently training to run a SPARTAN race!

{Our Lil'pup Julio Bones, The German Shepherd}

Julio loves to go outside. He LOVES the snow!! And playing with other dogs is his favorite. He loves Camp Bow Wow and regular visits to the dog park.  He last D-tails card read "Julio listens so good. He is so sweet. Julio loves all the dogs and all the dogs love Julio. Sometimes Julio loves them a little too rambunctiously."  That sums up Julio! He is the BEST! 

Lest we forget, the smallest member of our family!

{Miss Raven}

Raven loves short walks on flat surfaces, playing with her toys, going outside and cuddling! She takes pride in her job as an alarm dog (note... that does not mean guard dog... it means alarm dog.) And, she LOVES to give kisses, but only to special people! Because of my new profession, she has moved in with my husband's little sisters and is getting lots and lots of love. I miss her terribly!!


We were married {sealed} in the Provo Utah Temple on May 7, 2014.

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